Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Inept: My feeling this afternoon.

I'm going to begin this blog by quoting verbatim an email that I sent today to our dear friend, Nikki. ("Life of a Flat Foot Floozy" blog over there on the right)((don't yet understand the linking aspect of Blogger.))

"Oh my Gosh.

I just went to babys r us to take a gander.
I want to cry.
Mental Overload.
How in the world did you know where to begin?

I'm gonna freak out. AHHHHHH"

And that pretty much sums up my afternoon.

Nikki did, however, calm my anxiety by quickly replying back offering to go with the both of us to help. And I quickly accepted. I love you, Nikki.

You know, We LOVED registering for our wedding. We got to play with the scanner thing, have eyes bigger than our wallet, and have FUN...we simply had confidence in this field. I was shopping for my home, on someone else's dime. ;) How hard could this be? It wasn't. It was fabulous.

I suppose the stress comes into play with this registry b/c it's for another little person who will NEED the junk I register for. Not WANT....NEED. I went online today to babys r us to take a look around, to get familiarized...but then I quickly clicked the X in the top right hand corner of my screen and took 3 deep breaths. Then read about Cardinals Spring Training.

At least I have my stroller picked out.
Something I need not register for as my Mom is gifting this.



  1. Registering is VERY overwhelming. I'm SOOO grateful that even though I now know how to do it, I won't have to this time!

  2. I can't wait to help you guys! I LOVE babies r us so much. Sometimes when I drive by I just want to go in and I don't exactly have a baby anymore. I still have an addiction to that store!!!! Thanks for letting me guide you through the madness........ YIPPEE!

  3. I HATED babies r us with a passion during my pregnancy. I know exactly what you mean by feeling overwhelmed. Just walking into that store made my blood pressure go up. Just know that at the beginning all they really need is a car seat to get them home, clothes, diapers and a blanket. And formula and bottles if you don't breastfeed. Everything else can seriously wait if it had to!

  4. I love babies r us.... I still do. While I was pregant, I loved walking around the store looking at all the baby stuff. My favorite was the clearance clothes rack... I stocked up on all kinds of stuff. But registering was a little overwhelming... I searched for alot of my big ticket items on craigslist and took them off my registry as I bought them. That way, anything I couldn't find other people could buy for me.