Sunday, February 7, 2010

Didn't Realize

I did not realize how freakin hard it would be to 'blog' when you are never at home.

I thought for sure when I got pregnant that we'd be spending more time in the house, not having late nights and just takin' it easy all around. Not True. The first two weeks of the months I work 60 hours a week (not the norm, per say, but with America being Modification-happy, we are left with no choice). ((I work in the mortage industry and corporate America right now is SLAMMED!!!)) So, not walking in the front door until after 6pm, then taking care of regular-life crap, I'm spent. Weekends are spent catching up with friends and family that we rarely get a chance to see during the week anymore~~we've been hitting two/three different 'groups' a day some weekends just to keep in the loop!! I really do hope things start to slow down a bit...I've got a lot of half-finished to-do lists/projects layin' around and I'd like to put my time, mind and energy into them and get them finished!!

So, sorry blog-world, I haven't kept up as much as I thought I would. Hopefully I can get something fun out here before this week's Guest-Blogger session!

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