Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hoppy Easter!

Despite the ugly, dreery day....we had fun!
And little man got spoiled!

Can't wait to see your Easter Pics!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mark McGwire gave my baby a ball!

Oh. I love Thee Cardinals. :)

So our family of 3 took off to the Cardinal game on 4-19-11.
We went uber early (before the gates opened) to TRY to get some autographs.
We were in the 2nd row that lined the 1st base line of other, anticipating fans.
Two old, creepy men were in front of us not allowing us to even have the chance to ask for an autograph.
Not old, like, g-pa wanted one last signature...old like 50 and nerdy. Holding their ball of prior autographs, begging the players to give them one as they came off the field from batting practice.

It was annoying.

We gave up trying to squeeze our way to the front row, behind the dugout, and just settled for some pics of the players and coaches. It was still neat, seeing them up close and personal.

BUT THEN IT HAPPENED. A creep left. I slid in. I told Patrick to hold P.J. next to me so maybe, JUST MAYBE, I could use him as leverage.

It worked.

Mark McGwire. Yeah, that Mark McGwire. The one who re-introduced baseball to this country! The one who lied to congress about steroid use. The one who broke Roger Maris's record. The one who tossed a guy next to me a ball--and then heard me yell "FOR MY BAAAABY!!" The one who looked at me, looked at P.J., then stutter stepped and waited for me to get set to catch his toss. HE TOSSED ME THE BALL!!

(I think I was screeching with excitement 'Thank You'....but I don't remember.)

And then just like that...he disappeared into the dugout.

I love him. For P.J.

I don't think his friends will believe him when he's older, but I'm going to document this as much as I can! I saved the tickets, I have the pictures, the ball, and the story!

And it's a fun one!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Soooo...we bought a Pop-up. A nice one!

We've been wanting one of these for a while...but once the baby was conceived, we knew we needed one of these. I'm pretty pumped about our splurge!

How's the saying go? "Happy Campers"? Yeah, that's about right!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Our weekend...

We had a pretty fun weekend. Wasn't too crazy, but was event-packed. Friday night my parents came over and I fried some yummy Swai fish paired with some roasted veggies....mmm mmmm yum. Had the Tiki Torches lit and enjoyed a kicka$$ spring evening.

Oh. Ya. I almost forgot....Kiddo showed us that he wants to walk.

Soon. :)

Saturday night our buddy John had a birthday was a tad bit chilly, but still fun non-the-less. It's nice to have an excuse to see everyone again. Lately it seems we need an 'excuse' b/c everyone is so busy. I asked the husband to snap a pic of me at the party. FINALLY...I don't have many pics of me and the boy....I'm always the one behind the camera!! P.S. I really like this picture, it was right before dusk and the baby is looking at the camera, AND I LOVE my PPP shirt!!!

Sunday, today, I had a soccer game. My husband played in it too, so that's always fun. He used to play with us, but his back was out so bad, he couldn't take it anymore. After a few years he's decided to try again. He did great! We will see how he feels tomorrow though! Old Head.

Anyhow, that's my weekend update. I wish I could've told you about de-winterizing our cabin this weekend. That was supposed to be our weekend plans, but crappy weather halted that idea. I was also supposed to check out a new local farmer's market with Laura but b/c of the original cabin plans and then the weather, I just plain cancelled..but I promise I will get there!!

Okay....real quick...mad props to Anna for helping me link people b/c I have been trying for-forever!!! (do you guys get notified somehow if I link to you?) Just curious.

Hope your weekend was Rad too!!

Monday, April 11, 2011


I think I'm creating a monster.


This child has a TON of energy...which we've attributed to my genes....( And his patience/go-with-the-flow-ness/always happy-ness to his father's genes)

But anyway. This kid is just growing up so quickly. He's practically walking...or, at least I think he'll be doing so really soon. He is already running around the coffee table, lungeing back and forth from the couches and handedley climbing chairs, etc. So when he lets go of the table I try to encourage him to step forward, towards me, rather than stepping sideways, but hell, he's 8 months...I'm not gonna push it!

We've had so much fun the past couple of weeks practicing waving 'hi' and 'bye' and Hi-fiving, and clapping hands (which he does non-stop these days)...but the funnest by far is him shaking his head 'NO' when I say "NO". I crack up every stinkin' time. He damn sure doesn't listen to "NO", but I can't help but laugh!!

The event that sparked THIS post today was when he crawl-ran to an outlet that has two cords already plugged in (so I can't have the protectors on it), but is a really loose socket to begin with and started grabbing at the joint of where the plug-in meets the socket. I screamed "NO" from the other room and ran towards him, he stopped, looked at me and I said "No No, icky" (I don't know why icky...maybe I should have said HOT) but whatever...I said NO....he then shakes his head "YES".

I laughed. Hard.

I say 'NO', He says "YES"? ALREADY.

Hilarious really. I had to run outside and tell the hubster who was bbqin at the moment.

I shouldn't laugh, or even smile when he does that stuff. B/C in a year or less it ISN'T going to be funny. It's gonna be a battle, I believe....with everything....and he'll get away with so much crap, simply b/c he is pretty darn cute.

See what I mean?

Monday, April 4, 2011

It's my own damn fault.

I'm a little tired and a little cranky. Sleep deprived...if you will.
The boy and husband are already asleep. And I'm jealous. And it's only 8:30 pm Missouri time.

{Which could actually be the topic of another post, on another day.}~~~We need soooo badly to get this family on a later sleep schedule! But between my hubby & I's work schedule, early sleep is necessary if we are going to get any sleep at all. But, another part of me say that we HAVE TO START keeping this child up later than 7 pm! But, But, But. I know! It's a tug of war over here. Practicality--or--Socialbility?? We realize that once my soccer begins again, and once spring & summer arrive FOR GOOD we will definitely be out & awake much later than I'm thinking that I've got to get P.J. used to it!!! Ugh. I'll figure it out. We will see how he fairs in a few weeks when the hubby and I take him to a Cardinal game--Just our little family--First pitch? 7:15. would think if I needed so much sleep that I would have worked dilegently over this past weekend to catch up on it, right? Since it was a four-day weekend for one of us. Ahem.


I mean, we've had a CAAAAARAZY-busy last four days...with my weekend starting on Thursday because of the Cardinals opening day...then visting with great friends on Friday night, then attending my brother & sister's softball tournament on Saturday....then hanging with some really cool work friends that night and then MAJORLY cleaning the house on Sunday~~how could we find time to sleep? Sunday I could've slept all day damn. I probably would have too, if Patrick didn't have to get to work at FIVE AM!!! So since I was awake and felt like I was barely home at all, I rock n' rolled. I'm talking FOUR loads of laundry, polishing, cleaning the kitchen floor AND getting the rest of my donation clothes bagged up and dropped off at the local Goodwill. Oh! And I hit two different grocery stores on the way home. And then cooked dinner. And then did the dishes. SIGH.

Sooo, today-the first day of the BUSIEST time of the month for me at work-didn't exactly go as planned. I had PLANNED on getting to work at 5 am to catch up my desk from being out 2 days last week. So I set the alarm at 3:45 am.

I woke up.
Then it started pouring down rain.....practically my favorite lullabye.
So I went back to sleep until 6 am.

I needed it. Suuuue me.

But then getting to work (on time) at 7 made me feel SOOO behind all day. I'm normally in the office no later than I dragged ass all day. I handled what I needed to handle, and perhaps just a little more...but I felt off kilter. Not my best day. I had no mojo, if you will.

And you know what I've concluded?

So when I Mitch & Boan about how tired I am...?

I've concluded that it's my own damn fault.

~I work hard and I play hard. And it's not-likely to get any better before the kiddo starts I might as well stop longing for sleep...I imagine I won't miss it that much if I just forget about it!~

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Birth until now~~Photo stories

Here are some photos of our baby boy! Enjoy!! {forgive the picture quality. I saved the original full-sized photos into another folder to resize them so they would all fit on one blog...and now they are grainy. Boo!}


One Month

Two Months

Three Months

Four Months

Five Months

Six Months

Seven Months

Eight Months!!

Whew! EIGHT MONTHS!! Love seeing him 'grow-up'.