Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes (turn and face the strain)

I have requested 2 weeks of vacation prior to my 13 week maternity leave, to prepare my house, my husband, my family, and myself for what's about to rock our world!! (Well, not "about" in a sense of current time, but you get the point.) I have been at my current job for 10 years as of June. I get mad vacation, and mad maternity~~loves it!!


I am so super-excited to be out of the corporate world for a few months, that I have a list of to-do's for myself, to be accomplished right before, or for those that have to wait, for right after the baby is born.

Here we go!~and not particularly in this order!

1.) Hello Mystic Tans! Never have had this done, I usually bake myself~but that's not healthy. So spray me already!!

2.) Fixin' to get this mop on my head straightened, dyed summin' crazy and cut, ya hur me?

3.) I haven't decided on the exact colors yet, but I am getting 3 different colored extensions attached to my dome, all over...(did I mention I am off work for like THREE months?)

4.) I will be getting two new tattoos. Yes hubby, I said two. One of my new family name's motto, (in Latin of course)-(to match my maiden name one)...and the second in relation to my baby somehow. That one I haven't quite decided on, but it shall come to me, I just know it. This will put my tat count to 7. Good thing I get addicted to PERMANANT things, eh?

5.) One not-so-permanant form of expression I will be delving into is Henna. I've already purchased the kit, and chosen my artist, (rock it sis!). This will be to decorate my belly once I'm huge and not feeling so pretty!

~~There's a zillion other things rushing through my head, like scrapbooks for the baby when it arrives, etc...but I figured I would post the things I am going to do for myself, before I put my needs and wants on the back burner!!

I smell Spring in the air, and it reminds me that there are some changes-a-comin'. These days, that's all I want!

Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes!!!!

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  1. hey girl! I waited until kiddo was about 6 when I got my tat for him. He was huge into lions (still is) so it was only right to get a lion head tattoo! Just an idea to wait for that one :)