Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Peace, Love, & Good Eats....AND 2 posts in a row...WOW!

Sooooo, once this baby decides to arrive, (which I've been told ((for the 2nd time in 2 wks)) will be late b/c I have ZERO, ZILCH, NADA, NONE, NOOOOO activity happening down town) I will need to drop this preggo weight. I'm torn on Breastfeeding, and will try in the hospital, but if it doesn't work, I've got no qualms with formula feeding. So I'm left with using the good ol' fashioned ways of weight loss: a healthy diet and exercise. I'm getting some new kicks for my b-day for walking/running and have located & dusted off this here cookbook to guide me in a finding new, healthy alternatives for meals. Always easier said than done, of course, but I'm pretty pumped. I'm going to use this as a GUIDE, a REFERENCE, and hopefully these will be permanent adjustments to the way myself, and my family will eat. Wish me luck!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

World Cup 2010~South Africa Part Deux

Soooo another BIG Soccer weekend, hope you got your fill. While the US played a great tourney (for them) they were knocked out Saturday. :( Thankfully for me (and P) our backup teams were still in the mix! They played eachother on Sunday though, which meant one of them were packing their bags and heading home! Hopefully not the Krauts!!





37 weeks and ready to go!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Holy Busy Batman

Hi everyone!! Another boring, up-to-date blog...

Friday was our World Cup Friday...my family & P's brother all took off work to get together and celebrate the fact that the US, Germany, and England all played on the same day. The party started at 6:30 am and didn't end until about 4pm...we crashed pretty early, considering we started pretty early! Even though I didn't drink a drop, I was ex-hau-sted!!!--and don't get me started on the terrible officiating that we witnessed ALL DAY!

Saturday the hubby worked and then we celebrated Father's Day on his family's side. Patrick threw his back out at work so that put a little kink in the fun to be had, but he made due and we had a really nice evening...with some kick-ass grub compliments of his mama.

Sunday was our busiest day, if you can believe it. He and I were celebrating our 1-year wedding anniversary, to which we went out for a fancy lil' breakfast at FirstWatch, then we really started the partying by grocery shopping!! :) We were supposed to hit up babys r us too, to finish up buying the rest of the items on our registry, but due to his back being in worse shape than the day prior, we just came home and vegged out in bed watching soccer...and I wouldn't have wanted to celebrate our mark in history any other way! 1 o'clock rolled around and we headed over to my parent's house to have champagne and eat our cake--(cheesecake still as delicious as the day we got married), then we celebrated my sister's 25th birthday, then we jumped into the Father's Day celebration for Pops. Whew!! We literally lit candles on one cake, and moved onto the next...pretty funny actually. Patrick and My sister were supposed to have a soccer game too that evening, (I'm out, you know, b/c I'm prego), but we didn't have to worry about that b/c of his back....and the game ended up being cancelled anyhow due to lack of players. I mean, who schedules a game on a holiday?!

Luckily, Patrick was able to see my Uncle today, (a chiropractor) and has another appointment tomorrow. Even though my Uncle retired about a year ago, he has the whole setup in his home, so it's a pretty sweet deal for us. And, while one doctor told Patrick he would need back surgery--something Patrick's father had at a fairly young age--my uncle believes that getting him adjusted, corrected, and on a regular chiro schedule, he will survive~~without going under the knife. Let's hope this 'voodoo that he do' works! The timing couldn't be worse, and how scary having such an invasive procedure done so early in life?!

So that's what we've been up to. I am on the countdown for this baby, 4 weeks left! Went to the Dr. today, to be told that while my cervix is soft, I am not dialated in the least bit. I will be "on-time or late" the doctor told me. Yippeee...here's hoping this 95 degree weather keeps up!! ;)

Hope everyones been keeping busy themselves!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Finishing touches

So, it feels like I have a bunch to do before this baby comes, but not a lot of time. But, on the flip side of the coin, I am not in freak-out nesting mode yet either. I have slowly but surely been checking some things off my list!

Still, we have to look over our baby registry and take a shopping trip to grab some items that we need, but didn't receive...I'm excited for this!!! I think we will do this Sunday, (our 1 year anniversary), before we celebrate Father's Day and my sister's bday.

Next up, I need to find my baby-to-be a photo album...I have taken lots of baby-prep books that I'd like to have in a book, as well as on the pc. I have the pics printed out already, just need to finish the process!

And lastly, Patrick and I have SOOOOO many soccer t-shirts from over the years...his military jerserys, our college t-shirts/jerseys, club & tournament t-shirts, coaching t-shirts, Beer-League t-shirts....AAAHHH, so freakin' many to part with, but way too many to keep in drawers any longer. So, about 2 months ago, I contacted a friend of mine who recently had her late mother's clothes put into a quilt and asked for the lady's name who did the work. Finally, that lady and I made correspondence and now we need to round up our goodies. Oh goody goody! I can't wait to see the finished project~~she only takes two weeks to do so too!!!

Not that I HAVE to have the pics/quilt finished before the baby arrives, but for some reason, these things are weighing on my mind and have been lingering for so long now, I'll be happy to just have them finished!

Next up...DEEP cleaning, like washing down each wall in my house, I don't know why, but I feel like this is something that HAS to be done before the baby arrives.

Perhaps I am nesting.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

World Cup 2010~South Africa

If you know my husband and I, you know that we are huge soccer fans. I'd say that we would rank soccer #1 on our list of sports we enjoy spectating. Followed by Football, and then Baseball. The World Cup arrives once every 4 years and lasts exactly one month. 6-11-10 started this year's World Cup. I was off work opening day and was able to catch one game, caught all 3 on Saturday and will be catching two, today. In my heart, my No. 1 team is the US of A, of course...but by blood, I am on the German's side....along with the rest of my immediate family. Patrick's 'blood' team is Ireland, but the fuckin' French stole the quallifying game from them with an illegal handball goal to knock the Irish outta the Cup...so, US and England for him it is. Check out the pics below of my sisters artwork on my 35 week prego belly. I love it!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

6 weeks left...enjoying my weekend!

So I/we am/are 34 weeks along! 6 weeks left!!! I'm sooo antsy and excited and calm at the same time. It's weird to explain, but I think this is what they call the "calm before the storm"...maybe? :)

I just got a different kind of manicure this afternoon, nice YELLOW tips. Dunno why, just felt like it. Simple, cheap, non-permanent way to express myself I guess. I'm feeling sunny (yellow) lately...so BOOM! Yellow it is! (think the bit of color I got last weekend really lifted my mood--gotta love that Vitamin D)

I didn't do my Henna last weekend, will probably do it this weekend. Going to use it a chance to experiment different REAL tattoo locations on my bod. Like, on my hand in between my wrist and thumb, on the back of my neck, and a goofy spot on my foot....these are locations I'm toying with for the month of August when I get my real ones, so I can play around now...CAN'T WAIT!!!

I also am procrastinating on packing my hospital bag, for me & P, and then an outfit for the baby. This is like the hardest thing I've had to do. I don't know WTH I need, I have lists that various books and magazines have given me...but I don't know, I just feel uncomfortable, and intimidated by this task. But I will have it finished this weekend. (Any tips from you mama's out there would rock too!)

Other than that...just chilling out this weekend, doing laundry and cleaning bottles and such...Also a BBQ with some good ol' friends that sadly, we haven't seen in a while. Should be fun!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

32 Weeks and just jammin' out

LOVE my new headphones!! Hope the Baby does too!
*editors note- This pic was taken at 32 weeks, this Friday I'll be 34 weeks.