Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's a 'Family Tradition'

What up Cardinal Nation! Today is Opening Day for The St. Louis Cardinals, and in true traditional form~I am off work Today and Tomorrow. You know..a day to party and then a day to recoup.

I haven't missed an Opening Day since I was like 18. I didn't even miss last year when I was pregnant. See?

Side Note #1: That's a Busch N.A. in my hand. A FAKE beer. I was preggers, silly!

Side Note #2: When tagging this post, I realized I already had a 'Cards' label if you'd like to read more about my Pregnant Party last can read it in my April 13th, 2010 post. Since I can't link to anything, I have to direct you that way.
Side Note #2a SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME link to things. I see the 'insert link' button...but it doesn't put it in my blog! :(

Side Note #3 On the topic of my fun shirt~that child was/is sure to be a fan for life. At 7 weeks old we took him to a game. Let me repeat. S.e.v.e.n. W.e.e.k.s O.l.d. *See photo op below* We did this b/c we had the good fortune of having a Suite to sit in, without having to bother with the elements, or crowded seats. Little Lucky Duck!~~speaking of which, his second game that he will attend before he is ONE is mid-April..and we have Redbird Club tickets for that.~~ Suite and Club tickets?!?!, I don't think you can be spoiled when it comes to sports.

For those wondering about the baby and today--we are having a "Date-Day", and P.J. will be spending the day with his grand-parents.

So anyway...back to the tradition part of this whole blog. I haven't missed one Opening Day since highschool---and my husband and I haven't missed one since we started dating in 2006.....ya know, (or maybe you don't) the year The Redbirds won the World Series!! So, needless to say-we are pumped for this party. A tradition that we've vowed to never miss. Rain or Shine (which are both in the forecast!)

I'll post some pics from the craziness that is sure to exist a tad later.

And Ya, it's THAT important for us to be amongst the sea of Red and White. To party with the diehards. To just be.

Where will you be?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

2 Posts in 2 days?!

Howdy there! I had ONE comment on my last blog that asked for a picture of the baby. So I'm gonna post a blog highlighting my favs from birth-until now~1 per each month~ BUT, since I have said baby, I don't quite have the time RIGHT now..but soon! (isn't there a 5 picture limit or something on this here blogger? Or are my pics just too big?) Anyhow...P.J. just celebrated his 8 month b-day....

It's a big world out there kid...take it in..and live it up!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I really annoy myself

Sometimes I want to just shutdown this blog.
Othertimes, I want to learn more about it and actually use it!! I need to learn how to do things like, oh-I don't know...get a cool background, tag my IRL friends in posts, get things to actually italicize when I want them to....etc. etc.)

Either way, I will not cancel it b/c I use it to get quick links to my favorite blogs, so since it's here, nagging away at me Each.And.Every.Day...I think I'm going to try to use it more often.

I've said this since the baby, yes. I know.

I've said it over and over and over again.

I think I'll start small, like one post a week. Whatdayasay?

I'm turning over new leaves each and every day...and this blog is already at my disposal. So it's on.