Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Whoops. I guess I diagnosed myself. Went and actually saw my Dr. today. She says that's it's just hives, NOT PUPPP. Although, I look like a lot of those pics on google image.

She said that I may have a Wheat allergy if that's the thing I've noticed I've done differently. I guess I've never changed my diet so drastically before to have noticed. I mean, I have had wheat here and there...but maybe wheat everyday for a few weeks did do this to me....? Who knows.

One great thing--if it's not PUPPP, then it shouldn't last 6 weeks!!

I'm going to take my prescription itch/sleep aid stuff and a nice oatmeal soak today/night. I hope this does the trick!!!

See, your prayers worked! ;)

Monday, July 5, 2010


So, I've had a fairly easy pregnancy. I mean, I passed all my tests with FLYING COLORS. Minimal morning sickness in the beginning, plenty of energy at the end....2 weeks left, easy peasy right?

Shit no. Never.

Google Image PUPPP and tell me that this is real.
~Tell me I broke out with this a week ago today only in my minor belly stretchmarks.
~Tell me the Benadryl cream my dr. referred to me will take care of it, that I just need to "stay outta the heat".
~Tell me that it will spread to everywhere except my face and feet within a week.
**Over the holiday weekend. When I can't reach my Dr., but only the exchange who tells me to take oral Benadryl & Zyrtec & hydrocortizone cream.
~~~~Great, that's what I want. I want to make this far, to have to med-up, b/c I haven't slept in 3 days, and am itching my skin off.
~Tell me that the Grandpas Pine Tar Soap I just ordered online will do the trick, (per the babycenter.com community).

Tell me all of this and I will tearfully say Eff You. This hurts, it's ugly and I'm in pain. Nothing helps. Nothing. Cold showers relieve me instantly from all the itching I feel, but within 10 mins I want to cry again.

I feel like a crack-head...itch itch itch. I pray this doesn't spread to my face.

They say 70% of the ONE PERCENT of woman that get this in their 3rd trimester have boys. That's about the only fun thing related to this. I can daydream about a little boy.

Do I want to do this whole thing again to shoot for a little girl one day? Will this happen in all my future pregnancys? Lord knows I'm hard-headed enough to try though. ;)

I've thought of anything and everything that could possibly caused this...the only thing I've changed recently is that I've quit eating White bread and switched to Wheat. So far I've researched no relation. :(

Say a little prayer for me. I'm not sure I can handle this much longer. (and it's supposed to last 6 weeks)~~even after delivery!!!!

Goody Goody Gum Drops!!!