Thursday, February 11, 2010

Guest Blog #3 "Winter Blues-things I do at work"

Is anyone else tired of winter? I have definitely had enough. don't get me wrong, I like the snow. I have awesome memories of sledding and getting to be off school, but I am arguably an adult now. I don't get off work because of snow. Even if I could, I wouldn't be able to go sledding, because most of the hills by our house are at schools and there's a new law stating that you have to be accompanied by a child to be on school property. *I don't know if that is actually true, but it would be weird for me to get my sled out and go sledding with the neighborhood kids.*

I'm ready to take the trash out without having to look like Randy from the Christmas Story. I'm ready to go mountain biking again. I'm ready to go camping and get out to Kelly's (sp change because of stalkers-remember?) family's lake house. Bottom line is that there is a lot more things to do when it's Spring and Summer. So, because boredom has taken it's toll, I am going to list the things that I have been doing at work to pass the time. I manage a bicycle shop, so keep in mind that we are a seasonal store, it is very slow right now. Don't judge me.

Take naps- This is a great way to pass the time. Usually I'm only good for a power nap because my ass falls asleep when I'm in my chair with my feet on the desk. Regardless, this energizes me so I can slack off to my full potential.

Ride bikes inside- Easy way to bring out the kid in you. Set up obsticles and ride. Being sure not to damage customer's bikes, or the stores bikes, because I'd have a lot of explaining to do. No matter what, can't let the owner see this happening, it is strictly against regulations.

Surf the web- This can be very time consuming, but also very frustrating. Let me explain. We still have dial-up at the shop. You see, dial-up was the thing that made that REALLY annoying noise when the computer is trying to connect to the web. It takes forever to load a page, let alone check email, and loses connection very often. I don't have that kind of time.

See if I can eat an entire PB&J sandwich w/o taking a drink- Seems impossible, right? But I have infact done it. I don't make baby sandwiches either. I'm talkin' double-decker, 3 pieces of bread PB&J's. It's awkward the one time a customer comes in as I'm in the middle of achieving the impossible.

Movie day at work- I don't do this very often, it makes me feel guilty. I bring my wifey's computer in and stop by Red Box to get a couple a flicks. Takes up half the day, and nobodys the wiser.

(And Last, but not least)
Occasionally fix a bike- I would love more work-related things to do at work, but like I said, noone is thinking about riding bikes in -7 degree windchill. I am though, getting a few bikes fixed up to donate to needy-kids with the help of our friend, (rhymes with Banana, stupid stalkers). I told you not to judge me!

Well, it's nap time, so I don't want to write my blog anymore. Have a good rest of the week, and if you have a crappy bike that you don't want anymore, let me, Kelly or Banana know so we can fix it, and give it to a kid that can use it.


  1. Yay for fixing bikes! I've got a fun plan in my head for how we will disburse them.
    I hope you get more business soon. This has been a cold winter and I think when the weather breaks everyone will be dying to get outside and ride!

  2. I was just dreaming of warm sunny days today!