Tuesday, April 27, 2010

For Our Nature Baby

So, as some of you may know, we did not (and won't) find out the sex of the baby. Our theme is nature...and this weekend we really stepped it up! Lots of planting and watering happened to decorate the room, and it was much fun!

Also, we are trying our hand at another Betta fish. Last year, in July, the hubster had to go out of town for a week, leaving me with the one-day old fish. I killed it. I guess...since I was the only one home. But really, we didn't realize we had to condition the water for the little guy. Whoops. So this time, we really did our research and bought a little baby Betta. He's blue and oh-so-handsome!! Finally, I'm able to use our hanging Betta bowl! Check the pics from our exciting weekend!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Is that the baby?-Or are you just happy to see me?


Okay, so this is a quick, not well-thought out blog, but I gotta post it!! As we speak, I'm sitting on the couch, browsing the net waiting for my brownies to bake, and I feel a kick or a punch. But something catches me eye. My tummy is actually moving! I can't wait for the hubster to come home and see this!

I've heard about watching an elbow or leg move accross the belly freakishly, but I didn't realize we could see kicks!! This is so much fun.

I think the baby smells the brownies and wants some.
I will oblige.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Some Quick Things

Okay, lots on my mind, and I think I'll feel better getting it out!

~~Tomorrow I am 27 weeks!! That seems so close. And so far away. AAHHH. Also, it seemed to have been going a little quicker before, but now we've just reached a stand-still. I'm guessing that's because we are super anticipative. (Is that a word?) So time always crawls in those situations.

~~Patrick finally felt the baby kick this week! It's so fun. He would leave his hand on my belly in the evenings while winding down and as soon as he'd remove it, BOOM, KICK/PUNCH! And so now he says the baby is stubborn like it's mama. :( :) Whatev!

~~Monday we are sitting with the photographer to finalize our wedding album. Finally! With the selling of the house (read: TRYING) and the baby and yada yada, I never took action, but we've picked our prints and hope to see an almost-finished album next week!

~~My Friend Anna, over-there on the left of the page (Companion to the Wind)...((I can't link!!!) has asked once and reminded me once to get my Ultrasound pics emailed out/posted to our group of friends. DUH! Soooo, I wrote it on a post-it (that I didn't invent) and will make the hubster set up our scanner TONIGHT!!! I will do this mama, promise!!

~~The weather here in the Lou has been amazing, so we really enjoyed ourselves last night BBQ'n with our good friends, Z and N. Over-there on the left of the page (Life of a Flat Foot Floozy)...((I can't link!!--HELP)) I can't wait for more summer BBQ's with good people!

~~I'm trying to get better with leaving blog love (comments) and tonight after work I left TWO comments on TWO blogs, (that I can't link to) and they didn't show up. BUMMER!!!

~~I think that's it...we've got some family-time to be catchin' up on this weekend, so Saturday, My mama's house, then Sunday, His mama's house. I'm sure I'll have a nice blog on Sunday!!

***EDITORS NOTE*** There will be no Ultrasound scanning work tonight. We got kicked outta the house for a showing, so our evening plan was thrown a curveball. Maybe tomorrow!!!

Until Then.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cards Home Opener 2010

Sooo, I've been to every home opener (never with tickets) for like 10 years now, if not longer. It's a tradition and it's always fun to get a group together and party hearty!! Even if I was the DD, it was a blast and so many people told me I was trooper. Secretly, I was in heaven~~didn't feel like a chore at all!! And my favorite part...I got to sport my "future Cardinals fan" belly t-shirt. :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cabin Time!!

Happy Weekend everyone!! We took some time out of our busy schedule to head to my parent's lake house this weekend. Here in St. Louis, most people hear me say "we are heading to our lake house" and they (rightfully so) assume I mean a house at THE Lake of the Ozarks. This is not true, so I will call our lake house, The Cabin. My mom's family owns the cabin in the middle of nowhere on a private 90 acre lake. I believe her and my dad and her siblings purchased this when I was around 5. Essentially-this has been my 2nd home since I can remember. I learned to swim here, build a bonfire, hunt for fossils with my cousins...leaving none for my children to find. :( But I'm sure they will create their own fun, to which they can blog about 25 years later!! I've actually convinced my immediate family to take about 4 or 5 days this summer while I'm on maternity leave, to "live" there. I will have to wait until the baby is more than a couple of weeks old, but I've got 13 weeks off work and we would love nothing more to bond with our baby surrounded by Mother Nature.

The serenity of the place is amazing, and literally noone, NOONE, could find us if they had to. (Which could sometimes be scary if a family member needed medical attention). In fact, I recall a few years back, an Uncle went down alone to cut some trees and do some fishing, and my mom called him at the end of the weekend to see how it went. He never answered his phone and so my mom was worried. She called the closest county's police station to head to our cabin and check on him. That was the biggest clusterf*ck...we don't even have an address. It's off a dirt road, then turn by the big tree, then down the hidden hill. :) Turns out said Uncle was at the casino enjoying a few beers watching a Cardinals playoff win after his long weekend at the cabin. Whoops.

Anyhow..the cabin is used mainly in the spring/summer/fall time, we never go down during winter b/c there isn't much to do. We use this cabin for outdoor activities. Swimming, bonfires, BBQin', horseshoein', fishing, blaring music and dancing like gypsies. (well, me at least). This weekend was our first trip of the year, we had to de-winterize it, and while it got super hot..the water was waaaay too chilly to take a dip. So....music, fishing, BBQ and bonfires it was~not necessarily in that order!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Checkin' In...

Whoa! It's so hard to blog. I didn't realize how busy I am. I suppose if my company didn't block blogger, then I could keep up more. I'm a crappy blogger, and a crappy commenter. I am just crap. ;) My apologies!!

Tonight we relaxed and bbq'd and I was able to take a few more pics of our baby's room's progress. Pictures of the gorgeous view off of our deck are attached too. I Love Spring!!

~~Note: The walking stick that is shown below has a cute-to-us story. I'd like to share. About 2 years ago, Patrick and I were on one of our many walks together through a local park. We had recently experienced a storm that had knocked lots of loose branches off of the trees along the path. I fell in love with one of them. Claiming that I could wrap tons of different types of fabric all around it and make it a festival-walking stick. (I saw some diiirty hippie dude with one at Rothbury and really wanted to make one of my own) Patrick was right when he said it would be too heavy to carry as a walking stick, and he wasn't too keen on the idea of carrying this stick around for the rest of our walk, and though I begged, literally, I got over it. We continued on...no stick in tow.

Two days later I came home to THE STICK. He got in his truck, retraced our path, found my stick and brought it home. (I love him!) So, walking stick idea out...we decided to save the stick and coat the puppy in about 6 coats of polyurithane. (My parents have a log that is also polurithaned that is special to them) Now the stick was perserved for a lifetime. But we didn't know what to do with it, so it was a corner piece in our living room for awhile. Now that the baby's sex is going to be a surprise, and we've decided on a Nature Theme for it's room, the stick makes perfect sense to be a staple in that room. Check out how the hubster purchased some twine, and hung this baby...for the baby!!

Gorgeous Spring Afternoon here in the Midwest!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Guest Blog #6 "Hope everyone had a great easter"

Hello everyone, we hope you had a great easter with your families, I cut my nose shaving, and friends. We had a great day, this post is a little late so most of you have forgot about easter by now but I am a busy guy and sometimes I forget to do things. There is no reason you need to re-read the first sentence because I am going to ellaborate on the embarassing situation that unfolded 15 minutes before we had to be at church.
So there I was, shaving my mug like all men have to do or have had to do at one time. It seems easy enough since I have been shaving since the sixth grade, you would think that I would have mastered it by now. I guess I got cocky, as I was finishing up I saw a couple of repelling ropes hanging from my nose, you may refer to them as nose hair. Instead of doing the smart thing, which would be reach into the closet were I have the exact tool to take care of these eye magnets, I decided to stick the straight razor up my shnoz and start chopping away. As I was taking the curves of my nose like a formula 1 racer all of a sudden i pulled the razor out along with a stream of blood. Now, I thought I cut the inside. Nope I cut the EFFing tip of my Effing nose. What The Shit? So as we are scrambling to get to church I have blood dripping off the end of my nose, not a good situation. Picture yourself, your husband, or your boy friend with those little pieces of toilet paper on their face where they have cut themselves shaving. Now picture me, with said piece of toilet paper on the tip of my EFing nose. Eventually it stopped bleeding and Easter was fine but sometimes I feel like I should kick my own ass for being dumb. Good thing I'm not limber. Don't mind the spelling or typos I didn't proof read it and Kelly (sp) is slaving for the man, so she can't correct my mistakes.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I am a Fool

Happy April Fool's Day ya'll!! I love love love this day. Or at least I used to when I was younger. It feels I'm too busy for such non-sense now. Ba-humbug! I didn't even think of anyone to punk today. Makes me sad. I was totally aware of jokes being played on other people, so it's not as if I just 'forgot' about the day.

Perhaps I just have too much trust placed in my husband.


I need to fill you guys in real quick on what the topic of our texts is about exactly, and because I know that none of you know who Gary is, I will explain. Gary is a mouse that Patrick found in his shop's trashcan a little over a week ago. (Patrick names all animals Gary, as a funny aside). Anyhow, Somehow this critter managed to get onto Patrick's workbench and fall into the trashcan. Patrick heard some rumbling around and found Gary. They hung out all day, and Patrick even fed his little buddy some chips that he had for lunch. (Sad, I know) Anyhow, at the end of the day, Patrick freed his little buddy in some brush behind his building and that was the last we'd know of Gary.

Until today.
Here are the text messages exchanged between Patrick and I this morning.

Patrick: Gary's back, and he brought a friend.

Me: OMG! TWO in the shop? GROSS. R u sure it's the same one?

Patrick: How am I supposed to know?

Me: Well u said. You can't have them run around ur store, customers will freak out! Maybe now you will clean that shop.

Patrick: Suck it. They're in the trashcan.

Me: Unreal. How do they get in, and then go to the trashcan? Weird. BUT what if they run out while someones in the store? What if they make babies?

Patrick: I need mousetraps.

Me: Don't kill 'em.

Patrick: Oh, let me get my flute and I'll serinade them out like the pied piper.

Me: He He.


Patrick: I smashed them with a hammer.

Me: OMG. You r evil and disgusting. I can't believe it.

Me: Swear?

Patrick: mm hmmm


Me: OMG. I hate you even more. At least I have a blog topic now, butt.

Patrick: I let them outside. But if I see more than 3 at once i'm getting traps.

Me: Fair.

AND THAT, my friends, is a normal day at the office between he and I. I love this kid...but he gets me everytime.

Anyone have a funny April Fool's story--I'd love to hear it!!