Monday, April 11, 2011


I think I'm creating a monster.


This child has a TON of energy...which we've attributed to my genes....( And his patience/go-with-the-flow-ness/always happy-ness to his father's genes)

But anyway. This kid is just growing up so quickly. He's practically walking...or, at least I think he'll be doing so really soon. He is already running around the coffee table, lungeing back and forth from the couches and handedley climbing chairs, etc. So when he lets go of the table I try to encourage him to step forward, towards me, rather than stepping sideways, but hell, he's 8 months...I'm not gonna push it!

We've had so much fun the past couple of weeks practicing waving 'hi' and 'bye' and Hi-fiving, and clapping hands (which he does non-stop these days)...but the funnest by far is him shaking his head 'NO' when I say "NO". I crack up every stinkin' time. He damn sure doesn't listen to "NO", but I can't help but laugh!!

The event that sparked THIS post today was when he crawl-ran to an outlet that has two cords already plugged in (so I can't have the protectors on it), but is a really loose socket to begin with and started grabbing at the joint of where the plug-in meets the socket. I screamed "NO" from the other room and ran towards him, he stopped, looked at me and I said "No No, icky" (I don't know why icky...maybe I should have said HOT) but whatever...I said NO....he then shakes his head "YES".

I laughed. Hard.

I say 'NO', He says "YES"? ALREADY.

Hilarious really. I had to run outside and tell the hubster who was bbqin at the moment.

I shouldn't laugh, or even smile when he does that stuff. B/C in a year or less it ISN'T going to be funny. It's gonna be a battle, I believe....with everything....and he'll get away with so much crap, simply b/c he is pretty darn cute.

See what I mean?


  1. Oh my gosh!! Saying Yes already when you say no?! That is crazy!! What a little stinker. Love the pic, he is so cute :) The munchkin always says yes when we say no, but she definitely didn't start it that soon. You are gonna have a little handful!

  2. I SHOULD clarify. He doesn't actually say 'yes', he shakes his head 'yes'. I got video of it yesterday. It's so funny to me and he's not confused b/c he's been shaking his head no, when I say no for a couple weeks now, so we've been practicing yes recently and I don't just I'll try to post the video tonight!

  3. Ahhh!He's so cute and smart. And to answer your question...the school cut pieces of green pepper and the babies dipped them in non-toxic paint and "painted" that way. Cute? I know!:)

  4. hehe...
    you'll want to make sure he knows that it's icky and OWIE, HOT!

    if you laugh, darlin, he'll keep doing it to please you because obviously it makes you happy, you're laughing! :P