Sunday, April 17, 2011

Our weekend...

We had a pretty fun weekend. Wasn't too crazy, but was event-packed. Friday night my parents came over and I fried some yummy Swai fish paired with some roasted veggies....mmm mmmm yum. Had the Tiki Torches lit and enjoyed a kicka$$ spring evening.

Oh. Ya. I almost forgot....Kiddo showed us that he wants to walk.

Soon. :)

Saturday night our buddy John had a birthday was a tad bit chilly, but still fun non-the-less. It's nice to have an excuse to see everyone again. Lately it seems we need an 'excuse' b/c everyone is so busy. I asked the husband to snap a pic of me at the party. FINALLY...I don't have many pics of me and the boy....I'm always the one behind the camera!! P.S. I really like this picture, it was right before dusk and the baby is looking at the camera, AND I LOVE my PPP shirt!!!

Sunday, today, I had a soccer game. My husband played in it too, so that's always fun. He used to play with us, but his back was out so bad, he couldn't take it anymore. After a few years he's decided to try again. He did great! We will see how he feels tomorrow though! Old Head.

Anyhow, that's my weekend update. I wish I could've told you about de-winterizing our cabin this weekend. That was supposed to be our weekend plans, but crappy weather halted that idea. I was also supposed to check out a new local farmer's market with Laura but b/c of the original cabin plans and then the weather, I just plain cancelled..but I promise I will get there!!

Okay....real quick...mad props to Anna for helping me link people b/c I have been trying for-forever!!! (do you guys get notified somehow if I link to you?) Just curious.

Hope your weekend was Rad too!!

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  1. That's funny. We both did weekend updates at almost the same time! I totally spaced on mentioning the farmer's market that I did go to with Laura and the birthday party!
    Oh, well. I had fun at those things too! Just forgot, I guess.
    And no, we don't get alerted if you tag us. But that's ok!