Monday, August 2, 2010

Baby Boy is Born!!

We are the proud parents of an 8lb 5 oz baby boy!! He is now a week old and boy oh boy has it been life changing! I have a new best friend :) Very cliche', but oh so true---I never knew how quickly you could fall in love with someone...

Anyhow, this is a quick post, as I'm pretty busy these days, but I will post my birth-story soon~~it's a doozy!!


  1. Yay! I am so happy for you guys! I know what you mean about falling in love. Everyone told me what it would be like, but I truely had no idea it was possible to love someone that much until he was here.
    The first weeks are so tiring and crazy, but wonderful all the same. I haven't mentioned it when we have talked, but I had the baby blues pretty bad for a while. Nothing too awful, but definitely some down-in-the-dumps feelings, especially being so tired and overwhelmed. If you get some of those blues, just know that it is pretty typical.
    Congrats again! And welcome baby boy!

  2. Thank You Anna! I don't think I've had a case of the baby blues, yet, aside from a couple of nights where I could tell he was trying to go #2 and couldn't, so he just screamed for like 3 hours straight. I cried a bit with him b/c I just didn't know how to help him. Very overwhelming!

  3. Congrats, girlfriend! (and boyfriend!)
    let me know if it's okay to visit yet since we'll be in town this weekend until tuesday night.
    You'll be tired for a while but stick to it, and how happy!

  4. TY Emily! I'll get with your sister, our Saturday is crazy, but maybe Sunday we could swing by her house, I know we have dinner plans that night, but I'm sure we will keep you posted!