Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Whoops. I guess I diagnosed myself. Went and actually saw my Dr. today. She says that's it's just hives, NOT PUPPP. Although, I look like a lot of those pics on google image.

She said that I may have a Wheat allergy if that's the thing I've noticed I've done differently. I guess I've never changed my diet so drastically before to have noticed. I mean, I have had wheat here and there...but maybe wheat everyday for a few weeks did do this to me....? Who knows.

One great thing--if it's not PUPPP, then it shouldn't last 6 weeks!!

I'm going to take my prescription itch/sleep aid stuff and a nice oatmeal soak today/night. I hope this does the trick!!!

See, your prayers worked! ;)


  1. Try Udi's bread. It's ridiculously expensive, but delicious and gluten-free. You can get it at Andrea's Bakery or Dierbergs. Maybe that will help. Glad to know you got some answers.

  2. Thanks Gina! Now you are helping people through your son! :) (I'm assuming) Silver linings!

  3. I have been making muffins and even pizza crust with flax seeds. They are gluten free, really yummy and good for you! I have the muffin recipe on my blog and I am going to be posting the pizza crust one later today or tomorrow. But I am eating gluten free myself right now, its a big adjustment but some of the stuff I am discovering tastes so good, and I have been feeling amazing!

  4. Ty Laura! I like the recipes! Can't wait to try! Keep 'em comin'!!!