Monday, August 16, 2010


Feels like forever since I've last blogged!
I don't really have shit to talk about, but I guess I will.

I'm bored right now. The baby (shout-out to his 3-week birthday!!) is sleeping in his new swing that we just splurged on, and at the moment the hubster is studying to learn grocery item (that don't have bar codes) register code numbers. It's ridiculous really. I never realized how many different types of Apples there are.

He quit his job at the bike shop b/c they couldn't pay him on time, or at all sometimes. So he took a job opening with my father's company, but on the labor side of the business, not a desk job-like my dad. Not P's ideal situation, desk or not, but with a new baby, we needed a good paying, steady paycheck gig. His first day was today, and successful. A week ago, this grocery store called him back after passing on him a few months back and said that they believe they had made a mistake. So, after finishing up his time with the bike shop, starting a new job with my dad, then waiting on the go-ahead for this grocery manager gig--(then having to quit my dad's job if it does pan out), AND HAVING A 3 WEEK OLD BABY~~our lives have been chaotic-to say the least. Oh ya, and we've tried to get our social life back since that was missing for 9 months. ;)

But, that's how I survive. I'm a chaotic, non-stop, ADD inflicted person. I bore easily, need excitement. The hubby, however, is all out of wack. We work well b/c he is so even keel, and I'm not. He isn't used to stress, ever. So for him, he's just sick of the in-between situation. He wants all his ducks in a row and life to be smooth. BORING! :)

Anyhow, P believes he has memorized these apple numbers...guess I'll quiz him and have a couple beers. Peace blog-world.

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  1. OMG, I thought Zach brought the swing over to your.....damn...You should have told me!!!!! Poo Poo! Sorry about that! They do love those swings though. Also, we need to go for a bike ride? Wanna try and do it this weekend? Sunday maybe? For lunch time?