Sunday, June 13, 2010

World Cup 2010~South Africa

If you know my husband and I, you know that we are huge soccer fans. I'd say that we would rank soccer #1 on our list of sports we enjoy spectating. Followed by Football, and then Baseball. The World Cup arrives once every 4 years and lasts exactly one month. 6-11-10 started this year's World Cup. I was off work opening day and was able to catch one game, caught all 3 on Saturday and will be catching two, today. In my heart, my No. 1 team is the US of A, of course...but by blood, I am on the German's side....along with the rest of my immediate family. Patrick's 'blood' team is Ireland, but the fuckin' French stole the quallifying game from them with an illegal handball goal to knock the Irish outta the, US and England for him it is. Check out the pics below of my sisters artwork on my 35 week prego belly. I love it!!

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  1. That looks awesome!! I love how they are looking so intently at your bump. Hysterical.