Monday, June 21, 2010

Holy Busy Batman

Hi everyone!! Another boring, up-to-date blog...

Friday was our World Cup family & P's brother all took off work to get together and celebrate the fact that the US, Germany, and England all played on the same day. The party started at 6:30 am and didn't end until about 4pm...we crashed pretty early, considering we started pretty early! Even though I didn't drink a drop, I was ex-hau-sted!!!--and don't get me started on the terrible officiating that we witnessed ALL DAY!

Saturday the hubby worked and then we celebrated Father's Day on his family's side. Patrick threw his back out at work so that put a little kink in the fun to be had, but he made due and we had a really nice evening...with some kick-ass grub compliments of his mama.

Sunday was our busiest day, if you can believe it. He and I were celebrating our 1-year wedding anniversary, to which we went out for a fancy lil' breakfast at FirstWatch, then we really started the partying by grocery shopping!! :) We were supposed to hit up babys r us too, to finish up buying the rest of the items on our registry, but due to his back being in worse shape than the day prior, we just came home and vegged out in bed watching soccer...and I wouldn't have wanted to celebrate our mark in history any other way! 1 o'clock rolled around and we headed over to my parent's house to have champagne and eat our cake--(cheesecake still as delicious as the day we got married), then we celebrated my sister's 25th birthday, then we jumped into the Father's Day celebration for Pops. Whew!! We literally lit candles on one cake, and moved onto the next...pretty funny actually. Patrick and My sister were supposed to have a soccer game too that evening, (I'm out, you know, b/c I'm prego), but we didn't have to worry about that b/c of his back....and the game ended up being cancelled anyhow due to lack of players. I mean, who schedules a game on a holiday?!

Luckily, Patrick was able to see my Uncle today, (a chiropractor) and has another appointment tomorrow. Even though my Uncle retired about a year ago, he has the whole setup in his home, so it's a pretty sweet deal for us. And, while one doctor told Patrick he would need back surgery--something Patrick's father had at a fairly young age--my uncle believes that getting him adjusted, corrected, and on a regular chiro schedule, he will survive~~without going under the knife. Let's hope this 'voodoo that he do' works! The timing couldn't be worse, and how scary having such an invasive procedure done so early in life?!

So that's what we've been up to. I am on the countdown for this baby, 4 weeks left! Went to the Dr. today, to be told that while my cervix is soft, I am not dialated in the least bit. I will be "on-time or late" the doctor told me.'s hoping this 95 degree weather keeps up!! ;)

Hope everyones been keeping busy themselves!!


  1. I am missing you, we are so busy too. This baby is going to be here before you know it.....I am getting really excited for you guys.

  2. I am a huge believer in chiropractic care. Must be nice to have that hookup!