Friday, June 4, 2010

6 weeks left...enjoying my weekend!

So I/we am/are 34 weeks along! 6 weeks left!!! I'm sooo antsy and excited and calm at the same time. It's weird to explain, but I think this is what they call the "calm before the storm"...maybe? :)

I just got a different kind of manicure this afternoon, nice YELLOW tips. Dunno why, just felt like it. Simple, cheap, non-permanent way to express myself I guess. I'm feeling sunny (yellow) BOOM! Yellow it is! (think the bit of color I got last weekend really lifted my mood--gotta love that Vitamin D)

I didn't do my Henna last weekend, will probably do it this weekend. Going to use it a chance to experiment different REAL tattoo locations on my bod. Like, on my hand in between my wrist and thumb, on the back of my neck, and a goofy spot on my foot....these are locations I'm toying with for the month of August when I get my real ones, so I can play around now...CAN'T WAIT!!!

I also am procrastinating on packing my hospital bag, for me & P, and then an outfit for the baby. This is like the hardest thing I've had to do. I don't know WTH I need, I have lists that various books and magazines have given me...but I don't know, I just feel uncomfortable, and intimidated by this task. But I will have it finished this weekend. (Any tips from you mama's out there would rock too!)

Other than that...just chilling out this weekend, doing laundry and cleaning bottles and such...Also a BBQ with some good ol' friends that sadly, we haven't seen in a while. Should be fun!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Jusy bring the things you would bring on a few night concert run. You will still look/feel about 6 months pregnant when you leave, so be sure to bring a comfortable maternity outfit to leave with. P can always run home and get things so if you forget something, no worries. They will have everything the baby needs there at the hospital, you will just want to bring an outfit and blanket for the picture.
    Don't stress too much about it. They won't take the pictures the first day, so even if you decide you brought the wrong outfit, P can run home and get another one! You really can't go wrong...just don't forget the carseat :)