Thursday, April 15, 2010

Some Quick Things

Okay, lots on my mind, and I think I'll feel better getting it out!

~~Tomorrow I am 27 weeks!! That seems so close. And so far away. AAHHH. Also, it seemed to have been going a little quicker before, but now we've just reached a stand-still. I'm guessing that's because we are super anticipative. (Is that a word?) So time always crawls in those situations.

~~Patrick finally felt the baby kick this week! It's so fun. He would leave his hand on my belly in the evenings while winding down and as soon as he'd remove it, BOOM, KICK/PUNCH! And so now he says the baby is stubborn like it's mama. :( :) Whatev!

~~Monday we are sitting with the photographer to finalize our wedding album. Finally! With the selling of the house (read: TRYING) and the baby and yada yada, I never took action, but we've picked our prints and hope to see an almost-finished album next week!

~~My Friend Anna, over-there on the left of the page (Companion to the Wind)...((I can't link!!!) has asked once and reminded me once to get my Ultrasound pics emailed out/posted to our group of friends. DUH! Soooo, I wrote it on a post-it (that I didn't invent) and will make the hubster set up our scanner TONIGHT!!! I will do this mama, promise!!

~~The weather here in the Lou has been amazing, so we really enjoyed ourselves last night BBQ'n with our good friends, Z and N. Over-there on the left of the page (Life of a Flat Foot Floozy)...((I can't link!!--HELP)) I can't wait for more summer BBQ's with good people!

~~I'm trying to get better with leaving blog love (comments) and tonight after work I left TWO comments on TWO blogs, (that I can't link to) and they didn't show up. BUMMER!!!

~~I think that's it...we've got some family-time to be catchin' up on this weekend, so Saturday, My mama's house, then Sunday, His mama's house. I'm sure I'll have a nice blog on Sunday!!

***EDITORS NOTE*** There will be no Ultrasound scanning work tonight. We got kicked outta the house for a showing, so our evening plan was thrown a curveball. Maybe tomorrow!!!

Until Then.

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  1. A showing is a good reason to be away! Can't wait to see the pictures, when you can post them!
    Your comments are in the page when you click on comments, but it doesn't count them for some reason. Weird. I'll show you how to link next time I see you.