Thursday, April 1, 2010

I am a Fool

Happy April Fool's Day ya'll!! I love love love this day. Or at least I used to when I was younger. It feels I'm too busy for such non-sense now. Ba-humbug! I didn't even think of anyone to punk today. Makes me sad. I was totally aware of jokes being played on other people, so it's not as if I just 'forgot' about the day.

Perhaps I just have too much trust placed in my husband.


I need to fill you guys in real quick on what the topic of our texts is about exactly, and because I know that none of you know who Gary is, I will explain. Gary is a mouse that Patrick found in his shop's trashcan a little over a week ago. (Patrick names all animals Gary, as a funny aside). Anyhow, Somehow this critter managed to get onto Patrick's workbench and fall into the trashcan. Patrick heard some rumbling around and found Gary. They hung out all day, and Patrick even fed his little buddy some chips that he had for lunch. (Sad, I know) Anyhow, at the end of the day, Patrick freed his little buddy in some brush behind his building and that was the last we'd know of Gary.

Until today.
Here are the text messages exchanged between Patrick and I this morning.

Patrick: Gary's back, and he brought a friend.

Me: OMG! TWO in the shop? GROSS. R u sure it's the same one?

Patrick: How am I supposed to know?

Me: Well u said. You can't have them run around ur store, customers will freak out! Maybe now you will clean that shop.

Patrick: Suck it. They're in the trashcan.

Me: Unreal. How do they get in, and then go to the trashcan? Weird. BUT what if they run out while someones in the store? What if they make babies?

Patrick: I need mousetraps.

Me: Don't kill 'em.

Patrick: Oh, let me get my flute and I'll serinade them out like the pied piper.

Me: He He.


Patrick: I smashed them with a hammer.

Me: OMG. You r evil and disgusting. I can't believe it.

Me: Swear?

Patrick: mm hmmm


Me: OMG. I hate you even more. At least I have a blog topic now, butt.

Patrick: I let them outside. But if I see more than 3 at once i'm getting traps.

Me: Fair.

AND THAT, my friends, is a normal day at the office between he and I. I love this kid...but he gets me everytime.

Anyone have a funny April Fool's story--I'd love to hear it!!

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  1. Gross. I thought that Gary bringing a friend was the fools day joke! Ewww.