Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cabin Time!!

Happy Weekend everyone!! We took some time out of our busy schedule to head to my parent's lake house this weekend. Here in St. Louis, most people hear me say "we are heading to our lake house" and they (rightfully so) assume I mean a house at THE Lake of the Ozarks. This is not true, so I will call our lake house, The Cabin. My mom's family owns the cabin in the middle of nowhere on a private 90 acre lake. I believe her and my dad and her siblings purchased this when I was around 5. Essentially-this has been my 2nd home since I can remember. I learned to swim here, build a bonfire, hunt for fossils with my cousins...leaving none for my children to find. :( But I'm sure they will create their own fun, to which they can blog about 25 years later!! I've actually convinced my immediate family to take about 4 or 5 days this summer while I'm on maternity leave, to "live" there. I will have to wait until the baby is more than a couple of weeks old, but I've got 13 weeks off work and we would love nothing more to bond with our baby surrounded by Mother Nature.

The serenity of the place is amazing, and literally noone, NOONE, could find us if they had to. (Which could sometimes be scary if a family member needed medical attention). In fact, I recall a few years back, an Uncle went down alone to cut some trees and do some fishing, and my mom called him at the end of the weekend to see how it went. He never answered his phone and so my mom was worried. She called the closest county's police station to head to our cabin and check on him. That was the biggest clusterf*ck...we don't even have an address. It's off a dirt road, then turn by the big tree, then down the hidden hill. :) Turns out said Uncle was at the casino enjoying a few beers watching a Cardinals playoff win after his long weekend at the cabin. Whoops.

Anyhow..the cabin is used mainly in the spring/summer/fall time, we never go down during winter b/c there isn't much to do. We use this cabin for outdoor activities. Swimming, bonfires, BBQin', horseshoein', fishing, blaring music and dancing like gypsies. (well, me at least). This weekend was our first trip of the year, we had to de-winterize it, and while it got super hot..the water was waaaay too chilly to take a dip., fishing, BBQ and bonfires it was~not necessarily in that order!


  1. That place looks awesome. I love being in nature!

  2. Love this place.....nice blog love to the Cabin. We need to come see you guys at this pretty place. Your Tshirt is super cute BTW....and you look like you have dreads and I love it!!!!! Your hair looks so good DOWN!

  3. Nik, I agree ya'll are due again for a visit! This time when you're not preggers! ;) P and my fam called the baby peanut from day one, so when I saw this shirt, I had to buy it. And, thanks about the hair, P was dodging ticks, so I put on the bandana and the dread look-a-like was in full effect!