Thursday, March 11, 2010

Body Movin' Body Movin'

I can't help but sing this Beastie Boys song while FEELING MY BABY MOVE.
Sing with me! Baby Movin' Baby Movin'.
Catchy huh?
I sure think it is!!

Finally...I'll be 22 weeks tomorrow, but at 21.5 weeks into my first pregnancy I felt my love move. I scare when I can't feel it, but then I realize the poor thing's gotta sleep too! I am convinced though, while singing to Steve Miller on my way home from work, that it was dancin' a bit.

Baby Movin' Baby Movin'


  1. Is that picture you at 22 weeks???????????? Um, I was that big at 8 weeks. I am officially jealous. I feel little flutters on a regular basis (I am 15 weeks) but I can't wait till I can really feel it! So fun!

  2. It is, I took it today. I admit, it looks smaller than it feels. I will say though, from the front it's definitely more prominent, and circular. I will have to take more pics, besides the one in the mirror on my last blog, this is the only one I've taken. :( I heard/read that you show quicker on your second and feel the baby sooner. Not sure if that's true, I'm sure everyone's different, though. It is fun!!

  3. Look at that beautiful baby bump! How exciting to feel it move! That was my favorite time. Before N could feel it and it was just me and my bbz. It was also exciting when N could feel it too! Just wait until you see an arm move or a's kind of freaky! How fun!