Monday, March 8, 2010

Baby Prep!!!

Well, it's been a crazy-busy week, but we are making some progress I tell ya!!

To catch some of you up to speed, our condo has been on the market for 6 mos with no luck in selling. :( We placed it on the market before we got pregnant, with the hope of selling in time to start our new family in a new home. Well. The. Market. Sucks. We aren't in a terrible situation b/c I purchased a two-bedroom before we got engaged, so there is room for the baby and us. I just want a yard, and a basement, and a garage, etc. We want a home, not a house. But if we have to raise our baby for a year or so in this house, I'll be damned if we don't make it a home. The current plan is to keep it on the market for another 6 mos and then if it doesn't sell, take it off and enjoy our new family for a year, then put it back on. Sigh.

Okay, now the fun stuff. We received an antique-like Radio Flyer Red Wagon about a month back. My incredible husband decided to clean this puppy up, get rid of the rust and give it a new look. He did amazing, I am so proud of him.

Next, my Aunt and Uncle gifted us a Circa 1984 Bassett babyroom set. Complete with two dressers, (one with a mirror), a changing table and the crib. I'm in love. They are my godparents, and I babysat in the summers for my two cousins who both used this set. It's just neat all around.

NOTE** I have to brag a bit on my husband. Watching his handy-work in action, the care in his hands, and the smile on his face when doing all of these projects this week has made me so damn proud to go through life with him. I knew him while I was in a previous relationship and if I wasn't with him now, I would be so sad. I'm very lucky.

So without further ado, here are of some of the projects that we've completed this past week. I would have added some before's of the wagon, b/c it was a mess of dirt and rust and spider eggs, but blogger is saying I'm over my limit, so try to use your imagination! ~~And a little shout-out to my Brother and Sister and Parents for helping move the stuff and assemble all day yesterday. I got a pic of the 'help' in progress--and my bro set the mirror up so I could be in it too!! Aww! Also, the changing table isn't in the pictures b/c of bloggers size problem. Bummer!


  1. WOW! You DO have a handy hubby! I do too...and like you, I knew mine in a previous relationship too. Everything is looking really good!

  2. Thanks so much! We are some lucky-ladies! I get the sense that they are a lot alike, very patient with sometimes impossible women! ;)

  3. Is that a picture of your belly in the mirror!?! You look fabulous! And the room is super cute. Just wait until you see P hold that baby and gaze into its eyes...your heart will overflow.

  4. That is the belly~very observant!! I'm scared it's too big! I say that half joking, but I guess I'm still self-conscious and I KNOW that I shouldn't be, but sometimes I am a little weary about what other woman will say, "I wasn't that big", etc. But P is on my ass to just accept it. Perhaps when the weather is nicer and I'm not wearing sweatshirts all the time I will feel more stylish and ahme, sexy. :)

  5. Sexy is one thing I didn't feel when I was pregnant! But I did feel amazing that a little baby was growing inside me. Don't worry, moms will definitly comment on your belly. Someone in the morning will say you are huge and someone the same afternoon will tell you how small you totally depends on what that one person's experience is. I was huge! I gained a lot, but I truely feel that our body's do exactly what the baby needs them to.
    If you decide to breastfeed the weight will literally fall off. You're so active with sports that you won't have trouble anyway. Don't be surprised if you have a big weight gain around 5-6 months if you aren't there already. It seems like it happens to every friend I know and they all freak out...I know I did!

  6. That crib has turned out some swell children, but looks even better in your home! Everything looks like it's coming along fantastically. What exciting projects!