Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Back from a hiatus

Hello blog-world. Been awhile, and if anyone missed us, I apologize! There hasn't been a shortage of blog-material happening, that's for sure, but there's been a shortage of time, and a shortage of will. I will recap a few of the highlighted moments that have been happening, but I tell ya what...We may not continue this blog much longer, I think we have more fun living life, rather than writing about it. I suppose if I participated in the 'Wordless Wednesdays' and 'Thankful Thursdays', etc., then I would have a desire to hop online and have some fun...so maybe I'll begin doing that. I just usually take to facebook to quickly summarize each day...so who knows...we will see.

**Two Saturdays ago (5-15-10) we had my baby shower at my mom's house, thrown by my mom, sister, and MIL. It was a success I'd say! (A few pictures to follow) It started at 1pm and ended at 1am. Although, I had to disappear and TRY to nap around 10:30pm, finally getting fed up with my father and his sound system, I left to head home around 12:45. I simply couldn't stay awake any longer!! We got a ton of great presents and I'd say that being surprised by the sex definitely worked in our benefit...we received every big-ticket item that we desired plus a TON (read:FOUR) handmade blankets, 2 diaper cakes, and our personal fav, some little soccer shoes!! All in All, we had a blast and I loved sharing it with our closest friends!

**Patrick recently received a nice raise at work, FINALLY, although that hasn't hindered his efforts to get a different, 9-5 gig...but for the time being, the timing couldn't be better!!!

**I am officially 32 weeks pregnant, which leaves us 8 to go!!! Whoo Hooo!!! I simply cannot wait. It's no secret that for me, pregnancy isn't the funnest event around, so I will be sooo happy when we have our little friend in our hands to hold...but daydreaming, and feeling the little one all day long will suffice for now :)

**We had to call the local police recently for the first time in our lives, over a domestic assault situation courtesy of our White Trash neighbors. Sigh. Knowing a policeman on the force is helpful, but it is RIDICULOUS how much power they really don't have. She won't leave him, or press charges and there's nothing the police can do. Awesome. So happy to be raising a child in this environment. Thankfully they are only renters and I'm working every avenue to have them evicted. Wish us luck.

Okay...I'm thinking that's a nice quick recap of some things that have been happening on the homefront. I will try to keep this blog up-to-date, I know so many of you are anticipating our next entry! HaHa!! Have a great Memorial Day Weekend everyone!! Due to Patrick's work schedule, St. Louis' summer heat wave, and sleeping conditions, we are unable to participate in the camping festivites with our friends this year. We will miss that so much. But however you chose to celebrate, have fun and be careful out there!!!


  1. Thanks for the update! I've been wondering where you were! :)

  2. You're welcome! ;) I've been reading blogs, just not logging in, sorry for the lack of comments. I just love reading yours--and adore your pics...You are such a tiny, cute preggo girl. I can't wait to lace on my kicks and get to moving/losing this weight!!