Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Baby and A Beer

Okay, to touch base and get ya'll up to speed, Yes, we are expecting our first child in July of 2010. We have decided to be surprised by the sex of the baby and even though I can find out at my next appointment, I'm going to tell the technician NO! We didn't set out to get pregnant, be we definitely didn't try to NOT get pregnant. After the wedding we mutually chose to let things take their course. 4 months of that and BOOM! Time to gear up for our own family!! We are super excited and we were from the get-go, but I must admit, the fun quickly subsided with the 24/7 feeling of nauseousness, monster-knockers that were sore as could be, and not seeing the light of day after 7pm. I mean...Holy Hell.

But that was then.

I am 16 weeks along, and from everything the doctors can tell me~mama and baby are doing perfect and I'm feeling great!! Lots more energy, reading tons of fun prep books, purchasing some maternity clothes here and there..(although non fit yet)--it's all so fun-feeling again. Sharing stories with my mom, hearing her experiences, and those of close friends, too. It's all coming together and I'm trying to take everything in stride, not getting overwhelmed and enjoying each step as it comes.

But I won't lie and tell you I'm patient. Never was, Never will be.
This pregnancy thing is fun and all, but I want to meet my baby, hold my baby, hug my baby, feed my baby, talk to my baby....

I really just want a baby and a beer. Now.


  1. I want a baby and a beer too. And I am totally jealous that you are past that first trimester stage. I am right smack dab in the middle of it. Blagh.

  2. AHHH...patience my dear grasshopper, very soon you will swap out that good ole busch NA for a mouth watering red stripe! I can't wait either. I need to get my maternity clothes from Laura and get them to you. There are lots of goodies in there. Let's do some sewing this weekend too!

  3. that stage, I second thoughted (word or not?) having a second baby. But now, I think, eh, I could do this again and again!! I know you already have one, but just chug along!! :)

    Nik...see you tomorrow!